Kyle Pudenz

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Acoustic & Electric Violin, Mandolin, Guitar, Utility

Endorsements & Sponsors

Harper Guitars build custom electric guitars, basses, and mandolins in Boonville, IN. Harper Guitars are top end instruments designed, crafted and created by guitarists for guitarists. Each guitar provides unique playability and flexibility in tones that allow artists to find the sound and feel they are looking for.

Kyle Pudenz has been a Harper Guitars artist since 2016, and currently performs on a 24-fret carved top Comet electric guitar as well as a 4-string solid body Rockcastle electric mandolin.



Kepma Guitars has been building instruments now for over 10 years, and the with the introduction of the Elite series brings to players a new paradigm in high-end guitars —exacting tolerances and standards, extremely high-quality build and finish, unparalleled tonal response, unmatched creativity and innovation in electronics. This means that when you buy a Kepma Elite Series Instrument, you’re getting an instrument that rivals the quality, sound, playability and build of some of the world's most expensive brands at an unparalleled value. Put a Kepma in your hands and your imagination runs wild. High-end, quality inspired instruments — that’s the Kepma difference.

Kyle Pudenz has been a Kepma Guitars artist since 2019, and plays a D1-130G Acoustic Guitar both on tour and in the recording studio.

Empire Ears designs and builds high fidelity in-ear monitors in Buford, GA. The secret to every Empire Ears in-ear monitor is the craftsmanship behind it. Each set is handmade by experienced craftsmen who take pride in producing impeccable products from only the finest and highest quality materials.

Kyle Pudenz has been an Empire Ears artist since 2016, and currently uses Empire's Spartan IV custom IEMs.

Creation Audio Labs manufactures studio quality pro sound electronics, electric guitar & bass effect pedals, and performs pro audio restoration, modifications, and repairs in Nashville, TN. With the help of the guys at CAL, Kyle became the first electric violinist to successfully incorporate their Redeemer Circuit into his instrument design. He has also had the opportunity to demo and test several of their products on instruments ranging from violin to electric washboard!

Kyle now uses the Redeemer Circuit on all of his electric violins. His live utility rig also includes the MK.4.23 and Funkulator pedals, and he regularly uses the Holy Fire overdrive for performances on violin & guitar.

Live with Jared Blake & Jared Weeks: Texarkana, TX

Live with Jared Blake & Jared Weeks: Texarkana, TX

Kyle uses T-O’s T2 and T3 stand systems both in the recording studio and on tour. He trusts these stands not only to hold microphones, but also as live-performance stands for guitar & mandolin and as quick-access instrument hangers. They are a vital part of maintaining efficiency when switching instruments in live shows. Shown here is a mic-stand setup utilizing T-O’s IO-C and Synergy Clamp to attach 2 instrument hangers, an iPad, and a GoPro to a single mic stand.

Triad-Orbit Advanced Stand Systems represents a quantum leap in the evolution of the microphone stand. Every industry-standard component, from stand bases to mic clips, was analyzed and reinvented to realize a singular objective: precise mic placement without compromise.


Kyle with his AB1MN1 Mandolin Case

Kyle with his AB1MN1 Mandolin Case

ACCESS Bags and Cases evolved from years of experience designing and producing OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) products for many of the Music Products Industry’s leading brands. Chances are you own and use music accessory products made by ACCESS for one of their many OEM partners. The same focus on quality, value and innovation that’s guided our OEM manufacturing for more than 20 years is the cornerstone of every ACCESS product. The ACCESS mission: Offer musicians the finest guitar bags and cases to satisfy their needs at every stage of their musical journey.

Kyle currently carries the ACCESS AB1MN1 mandolin bag for touring work on mandolin and electric mandolin, as well as ACCESS's Stage Three hardshell cases for guitar and mandolin, Stage Three bags for acoustic & electric guitar, and the PFX1 Musician's Carry-All Bag.

Mercury Magnetics builds transformers and other premium guitar amplifier components in Chatsworth, CA. In addition to designing upgrade-transformers for most major amp manufacturers, they supply components to many boutique amp builders, including RISEN Amps (see above). Kyle Pudenz has upgraded several of his own amplifiers using Mercury Magnetics components, and recorded demos using electric violin to compare the performance of Mercury transformers with stock transformer brands. He also uses their Copper-Tone™ audio-grade AC cables to power all of his amps.

Wave Chinrest

Violin chin rest design has evolved tremendously in the past several centuries, and Randy Olson has helped to further this development significantly with his innovative “Wave” chin rest. The Wave’s ergonomic design is comfortable, helps alleviate tension while playing, and is extremely well suited for the unique weight and balance point of a solid-body electric instrument. Kyle Pudenz currently uses The Wave on all of his electric violins.